Thermostat Installation

Thermostat Installation

Whether you have a modern digital thermostat, or a simple manual one, the installation costs will not vary very much. Because it does involve electricity, this is a job best left to a professional, but it is a moderately simple procedure. If you need multiple thermostats installed in your home, BNC Heating and Cooling what the cost would be to install them all at once. Although the overall cost may be higher, the per unit cost will almost always be considerably lower if we do it all at once.

Energy Cost Savings

Although a digital and programmable thermostat may be a larger upfront cost than a simple manual one, consider the cost savings on your energy bills. If you can program your thermostat to heat and cool your home only when you need it and when you are present, the overall savings on your energy bills could be significant. Overall, you will be more comfortable and spend less time adjusting your thermostat with a digital thermostat installed by NC Heating and Cooling. 

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